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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Not making much progress ..

Well, I have a lot to do and time is slipping away ... seems it is either raining or getting dark too early .. haven't gotten a chance at the retaining wall or the last planter. Grrrr... better get it done soon .. winter is getting here fast!

Update on the pup .. Belle and Wimzie are starting to get along quite well .. they run around here chasing each other and stealing whatever toy or chewy the other has .. they are getting more friendly with each other every day. Belle is a good little pup .. no issues with house training at all .. take her out and she does her thing and right back in, hardly any mistakes in the house .. I have been amazed!

Well I guess it is officially Hallowe'en .. we are not planning anything at all .. staying home and handing out candy. Marissa is trying to decide whether to go out or not .. some of her friends are so I would imagine she will, I think she is thinking that she is getting too old, she is kinda, but if she is going to have some fun ... what the heck!

Work has been going a lot better the last week or so .. I was feeling a little down about what I was doing, just running reports all day. Last week we were given 3 major projects that involve some coding so I should be busy with them until mid January. I was extremely pleased when they told us. Weird how getting more work and going to be quite busy for the next while seems like such a good thing.

I have managed some more updates to the Shakespeare web site .. (should update your bookmarks if you haven't already!) . I have added a bunch of stuff to the archives. Photo galleries, reviews, dramtis pesonae, and Synopsis, I haven't completed them all yet, still compiling and building them .. got a really good start on them though!

Well it is late and time for bed ... Take care all!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Long time no blog ..

Well I have been extraordinarily slack with this here blog .. I have been very busy over the summer and really haven't had a lot of extra time to spend blogging. But now that the weather is getting colder and fall is upon us .. .Time to get back at it.

So let's see what has happened over the last 3 months or so ... Well the most recent news is we got a new puppy. On Sunday we got an 8 week old miniature dachshund to go along with the miniature dachshund we already had, Wimzie. Wimzie has not been overly enthused about the new addition, in fact quite the opposite, if a dog could pout she would have been doing it big time on Sunday night. They are slowly adapting to one another, I am sure they will be great friends in no time ... here is a picture of her .. her name is Belle.

Marissa turned 13 a couple of weeks ago .. Hard to believe where the time went, I have a hard time believing that I am old enough to have a daughter who is a teenager! Seems weird .. one minute they are little babies .. turn around once and they are all grown up .. scary!

We managed to get through the rehearsals and performances for Macbeth ... it was a lot of fun and all the people were so great to work with .. I miss them .. Oh well I am sure that I will see them all again soon. The performances went well, we heard some really great feedback from the play. It was so much fun and everyone really stepped up and did a wonderful job.

Elizabeth asked me and Monique to take over the web site .. so far it is coming along .. there is now an archive with several pictures from past years, a lot of new pictures on the different pages with pictures from this years show ( thanks to Dan ... he takes such great pictures!!! ). We have changed the name from to . Since the show next year will be in October the summer part really didn't fit all that well any more. I have been converting the site over from html pages to asp pages .. just makes them a bit easier to manage as far as the headers, footers and menus .. I know ..starting to sound like a geek!

I spent quite a bit of time this summer building a site for a company that actually paid me to build it. That was really strange .. I think that is the first time I actually built a site ( other than at work ) and got paid for it. The pay I got for building the site helped pay for my camera .. I bought a Canon 30D over the summer as well. I have been a little snap happy with the thing .. gotta learn to use it though. I think I am going to enlist the help of Dan and Anthony! Be forwarned guys .. I am going to try to pick your brains!

We rebuilt all of the planters around the house this summer .. took out the wooden planters I built 12 years ago and replaced them with the wedgestone interlocking bricks .. .I think they look about a million times better.
Still have lots to do before snow .. I have to tear up the front walkway (interlocking pavers) , clean the bricks, put in more sand and landscaping fabric and then put the bricks back .. should be fun.
Looks like I will have to build a retaining wall too .. 4 feet high by 30 feet long .. the bank is starting to erode near the garage .. another big job .. oh well ... it will be good when it is done.

We got in out trip to Ontario in August .. I can tell you one thing, I am so glad that I don't live there anymore .. the traffic we horrendous .. we were a 1 hour drive from Niagra falls and it took us 4 hours because of the traffic. Seemed everywhere we went there was a traffic jam. We got to go to Stratford and see Much Ado About Nothing. I was blown away .. it was so great!!! I absolutely loved how they put it on!! This is a picture of the stage and the view from our seats.

One of the other reasons we went to Ontario was to visit my grandmother. She has Alzheimers and is not doing so well .. she is in the third stage and really remembers very few people and is very confused. It is such a cruel disease. The body is fine, just the mind goes. It was really great to see her anyway. We took my mother with us and she stayed with Grammie the whole time.

Marissa and I went flying when we were in Ontario .. we both went for a flight in a sailplane. Marissa had never been in one and I hadn't been in one in 25 years. When I was younger I took lessons in them so it was nice to go up for a trip .. we both loved it!!!

Last month Richard and I went to the Stones concert in Halifax ... show was great .. .weather really sucked! It rained all day. We were totally drenched. That wasn't the extent of the bad luck .. we got off the shuttle bus and were walking to the concert site and I checked my back pocket where the tickets WERE ...

and no tickets .. so I either lost them or someone liberated them .. I don't know .. either way it was expensive .. we bought more tickets from a scalper but I was not impressed. No point in letting it ruin the show though .. we were right next to the B stage ... got some great pix of the Stones. This was one of my favourites.

So that was pretty much my summer .. I hope everyone had a great one and I hope to see you all soon!

Sorry for such a long post .. that is what happens when you save them all up for one!

See Dre .. sometimes ya hafta be careful what you wish for .. ya might just get it!! LOL .. Take care all!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Friday Feast late on Friday

2 posts in 2 days! Will miracles never cease!?!?


On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest), how funny do you think you are?
Well let's see, somedays I can reach a 6.5 or 7 ... others down around a 5 .. depends on the mood and company .. I am much better when I am with certain people .. I guess I am just more comfortable and know their sense of humour so I can open up a bit


Name a local restaurant would you recommend to a visitor to your town or city.
Well that is a tough one .. I have gotten to the point that I really don't enjoy eating in restaurants .. the servers are often rude, the food is often not consistant or well prepared .. maybe I am just getting old. I would just as soon eat at home, or maybe I am just getting tired of eating in restaurants. If I had to choose one, I guess it would be Churchills .. I still think I make a better steak but they have been fairly consistant in their food and service.


What's a lesson you were lucky enough to learn the easy way?
I learned fairly early that if you act your age you will probably slow down to your age, act the way you feel and you will keep up to the age you want to be. I think if I slow down I will start to get old .. a quote I heard from my father that kind of stuck with me .. "going old is mandatory, growing up is optional!" I think I will go with the later, and deal with the former as it comes.

Main Course:

Where would you like to be 5 years from now?
I am not really sure about this one .. I hope still to be involved with the theatre, I hope still to be employed, I hope to be a more healthy weight and in good health, I hope all my family and friends are also in the same situation. I know, pretty generic and it is what everyone wants but I can't think of anything I want more.

If you could see the front page of a newspaper from June 2, 2106, what would you imagine the headline might be?

The last of the big health issues conquered - Cancer(beaten 2010), Heart Disease(beaten 2015), Diabetes(beaten 2016), Alzhiemers(beaten 2020), AIDS(beaten 2021) now last but not least .. the Common Cold(beaten 2106).
Let's hope the biggest problem to be beaten in 2106 is the common cold! I know .. it's a long headline .. but we will probably only have electronic papers by then so it really doesn't matter.

Weather: Hot and dry again, highs near 40, UV index 27 (not all good news I am afraid)
Ad .. Get Coppertone SunBlock SPF2200 .. Spend 25 minutes in the sun without burning!
Ad .. 2107 Ford Focus ... $230,099.99 Low down payment 5% interest O.A.C.

Still think in 100 years it is gonna be a pretty messed up place ... I hope I am right about the medical breakthroughs and wrong about the rest ..

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I did it again .. 2 months between posts tsk tsk!

Well hello blog ... bet you thought I ran away and was never coming back ..
I could use the old excuse of being really busy, but that is not a very good one ..
others have been really busy and have updated their's ... so again I say I will try to update
my blog more often, so as Bullwinkle would have said .. "This time for sure!!!!" I know, I know for all you really young people .. "who's Bullwinkle??" - He was a cartoon moose!

So what has been happening ..

Helped out behind the scences for Crucible .. went to see it twice and really enjoyed it. Everyone did such a great job!

Started rehearsals for the Scottish play the other day .. so far so good .. I have pretty much all of the lines down, as far as the words .. gotta work on the delivery a bit .. but I think they will come all right!
Going to be going to the Kingston Farmer's market on the 24th of June in costume to help promote the play, Christi Wheaton and I will be out there making a spectacle of ourselves .. should be a hoot!
Nice to get started with the rehearsals!

I think I am going to try out for Glengarry Glen Ross .. the only worry I have is that I will be away for a week in August and that might mess it all up .. I guess that will have to be up to Jay. That is if I get a part in the first place *snicker* I guess that will be up to Jay too! Oh well give it a try I guess.

I was just thinking, I have been on the go doing one thing or another lately and been so busy that I haven't even gotten the chance to get out for a round of golf .. I think I am going to have to rectify that situation soon!

I have more or less started my new duties at work .. the last 2 days I have been coding straight out on a metrics dashboard ... I have been a pretty happy camper doing it too .. feels good to be doing something creative at work again instead of just plugging holes ..

One of the guys at work has asked me to build a website for an engineering association he is in and I am going to get paid for this one .. don't know how much but it will be a nice change .. Probably going to start it this weekend ..

That's about all I can think of for the moment .. especially since I am falling asleep at the keyboard. So I will try to be more punctual at updating .. talk soon!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ok .. Ok... so it has been a while .. .

Hi Blog thing .. been a while .. I know .. Been pretty busy with work and running around so I haven't been sitting at the computer much .. and then only to get some things taken care of and off again.

So down to what has been going on ..
Exiting news today .. I got to take my bike to work for the first time this year .. absolutely gorgeous day .. means spring is here .. even if we get another storm .. it is close enough!

Sunday is the first reading of the Scottish Play .. should be fun, get to see some people that I haven't seen in a little while .. get this thing kick started! Can't wait to get going on this .. I find I am missing this theatre thing more than I thought I would. Hasn't been that long since we finished Coelacanth and I miss it already .. Is that one of those ... you know your hooked when things?? Oh well if you are going to be hooked on something might as well be something you enjoy right?

Bev surprised me the other day, we are planning a trip to Ontario this summer and she called me up at work and said that since we were going to be there anyway the Stratford festival will be on so we should go to a play .. I almost fell over .. didn't think she would want to do that at all .. anyway to make a long story short .. we have really great seats for Much Ado About Nothing in August .. should be a lot of fun!

Marissa got her report card the other day and being the proud dad I am I get to brag .. she got all A's but 2 (I think there are at least 2 A+'s thrown in among them!) and one of the B's was 1 mark under the A and then one other B .. I couldn't have been more pleased and in addition to doing that well in school she made the intermediate orchestra (violin) to boot .. So as you can understand I am a pretty proud dad!

Some news on the job front, I found out the other day that my job may be changing for the better.
I have been working on mostly databases and reports for the last year and a half, found out that I will be moving 50% of my time to Application Support/Development and the other half will stay doing what I am doing now .. don't get me wrong, I like what I have been doing but I do miss some of the development work so this will give me the opportunity to do both .. pretty pleased about the whole thing.

I tried to do the dieting thing a while back .. fell off that one miserably so I am back at it again .. this time I am going to try doing the weight watchers point thing ... with the weight I am at I get to have 26 points per day .. so far I am not going hungry or anything . . just mostly cutting out the junk food and that pretty much is allowing me to stay within the range .. I haven't got the the book to measure the points so I built a small application to do that for me (I know ...I am a geek!) .. If I have the calories, fat grams and fibre grams I just enter them in and hit the button and viola .. it tells me how many points it is .. only problem is that I don't have the computer everywhere I go .. Oh well I will get by. Don't know how well it is working, I have been sticking pretty close to it and so far it feels like I am down some .. I guess we will see come next Monday!

A friend of mine was over last Saturday. We had a BBQ of Pork Steaks, Potatoes and some really huge mushrooms .. everything turned out to be delicious! then we spent the evening playing Scene It (DVD movie trivia game), we had a lot of fun with it .. I was on top of my game .. pulled out a win in both games.

Managed to find the posters we need for Moonchildren (The ones on the wall in the play!) .. got them printed at Staples and they did an absolutely wonderful job on them, I think everyone will be pleased .. I haven't picked up the one for the map of Asia yet .. have to get that one tomorrow. If it is anything like the other two it should be great! I have to contact Anne as well .. see if there is anything else she needs me for ..

Well that is about all for now .. I will try to be more punctual in updating this thing . . I started off so well too .. Til later C'ya

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Angus it is ..

Got a call from The Captain about Macbeth .. she offered me the part of Angus. Of course I gladly accepted the role .. I am pretty pumped about it actually. Who'da thunk I could, I would be in Macbeth .. I bet if I told some of the people I grew up with that I would be on stage in a Shakespeare play they would fall over! I haven't heard from anyone other than Kristie N. I met her at the Superstore today and she told me she was going to be one of the witches .. not a surprise really ... she was great at the audition!
The Captain said that the role consisted of a fair amount of time on stage and about 41 lines .. not that I am line counting .. I really don't care .. but that sounds like a good size role .. It was weird ... I think I was more nervous at the audition for this one than any other .. I would have thought it the other way around but never can tell what the nerves are going to do to you.

Well I am all alone for the week .. Bev and Marissa have gone away for the week, Bev on a course and Marissa visiting my brothers .. first day and all ready it seems quiet around here .. just me and the dog .. Wimzie was pretty weirded out earlier .. she seemed to sense that they were gone for a while .. she wanted in and out over and over again as if looking for them to show up at anytime. She has calmed down and is sleeping now.

Got some mixed news on the weekend, on the good side, my grandfather who is in the hospital and was not doing well, has improved greatly and may be coming home soon ... I was pretty happy about that .. on the down side I heard that a very good friend of the family was diagnosed with having a brain tumour .. They are doing more tests and they think that it is operable so we are all hoping for the best. I think I am going to go to see them both in the hospital tomorrow night ..

The weather warmed up some over the last couple of days .. here's hoping that spring is on the way .. kinda getting a little itchy to get the bike out .. seen a few going today but there is still too much salt on the roads to take mine out .. don;t geel like doing that much cleaning .. oh well .. soon!

Speaking of the weather .. I have been under the weather the last 5 days or so .. got a damn cold .. I really shouldn't complain too much .. It is the first one in almost a year. Not that bad really, mostly just stuffed up and lots of sneezing and a bit of coughing .. could have been lots worse I suppose. I did miss Thursday and Friday at work, better than taking it in there and getting them all sick. Oh well, on the mend now and back to work tomorrow.

That is about all the news that is news .. til I have more .. ciao

Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Feast

How many pillows and blankets do you sleep with?
One pillow, one sheet and a comforter

What are you currently "addicted" to?

Mostly food .. sweet stuff in particualar .. I wish I wasn't, I really have very little self control ...

If you could make a small change to your current routine or schedule that would make you just a little bit happier, what would it be?

Probably try to work a bit more sleep into the schedule .. I never get enough .. being a bit of a night owl it always seems to work out that way. Either that or exercise more .. pretty slack sometimes.

Main Course
Which adjective do you find yourself using often?
I use amazing or incredible a lot ... there are several others of course ..

Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker?
yup ... not lately though, and only when I was alone and the hitchhiker looked normal .. getting pretty weird out there .. even around here, so I have pretty much stopped picking them up, don't remember the last time.